Live-capture of verbal contents into a synthesis graphic, in order to achieve
1. Better communication
Align a common direction to help group discussion on complex ideas.
2. Better group engagement
Making everyone’s’ voices tangible encourage better group’s engagement.
3. Better experience
Trigger emotions deeply and unconsciously.


Visualise it to see it! Do you have an idea in mind? We can help you draw it out.

We visualise all sort of contents: from a text document, ppt, presentation material to complex strategy plan, abstract idea, prototyping idea, thinking process etc. Visualisation gives contents a clearer approach, make it easy to share with other and make your presentation more effective and attractive!


Don’t let poor presentation kill your great idea.

Whether you have a lengthy presentation, complex process, white-paper or a new idea that is to be made alive. Let us help you put your ideas in motion with animated drawing.

Video will make your ideas interactive, fun and memorable.


Visual can make a great different in effective communication & enhancing creativity in group working process. 

Visual tools for better way to work is a 2 days workshop teaching effective graphic skill: create flip chart art & template, visualise your meeting or ppt materials.

Whether you are an individual looking to hone your visual skills or an organisation eager to adapt a new way of working, you can now master some simple graphic skills and surprise your colleagues at your next meeting!

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