Tak Tik offer visual solutions in 3 domains:
Graphic recording / Graphic facilitation
Strategic visualisation
Visual communication

And we offer training for you to learn these skills.


What is graphic recording / graphic facilitation?

If you haven’t heard about “graphic recording”, It is basically a ‘Live Capture’ of complex concepts and words, into a structured synthesis of graphic / sketches and key note.

How does graphic recording / graphic facilitation work?

1- During a workshops, conferences, meetings or brainstorming
2- We Listen + Synthesise your discussions or speeches, and simultaneously sketch the essence of your verbal contents into a big scale visual work
3- Seeing the visual building up, information is reflected & shared to you & others in real time. This process facilitate group to align a common communication direction
4- The final visual summarisation allow you to see the whole picture of your journey help you to plan on the future strategy

what is graphicrecording


The 3 reasons why is this visual tool useful for your business…

1. I “see” what you mean now

Wonder why do we often say that, one’s does not “see” what we means? How will this be different if we all manage to “see” what we means?

In a complex group communication, people tend to think that they are talking about the same thing but they might not, we are caught in meeting after meeting and yet the result of our communication may not bring the solution we wish.

By visualise your discussion or conversation, we translate the spoken words into concept sketches (rich in content with attractive graphics), make words tangible to allow one to visualise their words and thinking, therefore make sure a group is talking about the same reality, and align ideas in a same direction of communication

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We all have heard about the expression : “A picture do worth a thousand words”, indeed our brain processes images not 1000 but 60,000 times faster than text does and 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual.

In today fast moving world, infographic is taking over our way of communicate. Same principle as visual recording, when an entire event is embodied into one structured visual, it allow you to digest the more complex aspects of ideas better, 
and literally allow you to see the whole journey in one BIG picture and save hours reading a meeting report, because it is proven that humans process visual data better & faster.

2. Safe environment = better engagement

The fact of graphic recording is done live, allow all voices to be heard and recorded in front of everyone witness. This process assure transparency, and most importantly it gives equal value for all voices to be heard, and hence psychologically flatten the hierarchy from bottom up and make participants feel safe to speak out. Once this safer environment established, engagement & participation will follow and therefore create a better group work result.





3. Trigger emotion

Visual could trigger our emotion deeply & unconsciously. We use visual recording in marking key milestone or celebrating memorable moments of an event.

Months later after an event, how much of the memory retained is arguable but the emotion we experienced during will often stay vivid and helps as a reminder of our journey.

taktik visual solution

What is our way of working, why us?

For our ideology of “contents first”:

Our working approach give emphasis on contents synthesis & capturing. During a live recording, the time given is only as much as a speech said, and hand speed will never be as fast as spoken words, therefore we work with a method which we call the Raw-Scribe (watch video below), where we record the right contents very quickly during the speech, then only we complete our work with the other elements which take more time to elaborated, like some message-conveying visuals, graphical styling & colouring.

raw to finished scribe by tikka

This video show an initial stage of a words capturing process, start with a flexible & undefined layout, usually just black, Then once I “see” the pattern of the speech, I go back to add layout element & colours. With this method, I am able to focus on capturing as much contents as possible during a speech without jeopardise on elements that can be added later (organisation / drawing / colouring). Raw Scribe stage is flexible & open which allow modification & definition of any layout design in later stage…….

& the final scribe looks like this (see below)raw scribe methodology by tikka

We don’t prone to do heavy drawing during recording, to avoid creating work with relatively empty contents, because we believe the purpose of our work is to facilitate group to work & communicate better,  whereas making an impressive beautiful art work on it own only make us a good artist, but not a good graphic facilitator.

That is why we use the Raw Scribe method to help making contents-capturing a habitual way of working.

Learn Raw Scribe method in our training

For our experience in divers type of event & industrial:

1 We do facilitation workshop as big as 600 participants, as small as a handful.

In a facilitation workshop, our focus is on selecting the right contents which could contribute to achieve the workshop’s objective, whether it is for a strategy planning or a team building.

2 We do public conference, key note speakers to panel discussion.

In a conference, our focus is on well balance capturing of the whole session with a good speed, to provide the participants a whole picture of a full day speech, on time.

3 We do internal meeting or brainstorming

In an internal meeting or brainstorming, our focus is to assimilate ourself as part of the group, so that our work play a better role as a mid wife to help their ideas born.

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How do we work?

During a graphic recording / scribe session, we listen and synthesise your conversation, and find the conversation pattern by making the connection of the contents, then with the use of graphic, we turn your speech into a drawn piece of work.

We do this with the process of : Listen + Synthesise + Graphic:

1 During the workshops we listen to your panel discussions, work round and report out. Simultaneously…

2 we synthesise the informations in order to map the conversation pattern.

3 Then we capture this pattern in a form of graphic (illustration and key note).

All this will be done live, allow participants to watch their conversation take shape in front of them in real time. The process help making ideas transparent & tangible, which can benefit individual in better thinking from having a new perspective, and benefit to the group to better communicate, and share ideas with others.


Interested to learn Graphic Recording / Graphic Facilitation?


We offer course and training on “Visual as a thinking and working tool”, “Sketch for business” and “LOG”
We have trained 200 over students in Russia, China & Malaysia, who are trainer, business coach, HR, educator and visual practitioner.
We incorporate LOG pedagogy : Listening-Organising-Graphic, to guide you with this step by step methodology.

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