We're visual communicators with a difference. Our working method helps businesses and individuals find the patterns in an idea or vision, effectively translating them into impactful visuals.

We empower your ideas through visuals. Words are powerful, but what if we told you that words are not enough? With our help, your content can be brought to life through message-converying images, styling and colours to leave a lasting impression. When ideas meet illustrations your message becomes striking and influential. This is the philosophy TAK-TIK lives by.

We're global. In every sense of the word. Our international team is based all over the world and are fluent in English, Mandarin and French.


When ideas meet illustrations, your message becomes striking and influential.

This is the philosophy TAK-TIK lives by.

Your share your stories, ideas and visions at your next discussion, conference or workshop.

We visualise it in real time by finding your conversation pattern and turning it into drawn pieces of work.

The visuals create impactful messages that strike a chord with the audience.

Now they can see the bigger picture as your ideas become transparent and tangible.


1. Align communication

Our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text does and 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual. Infographics are the communication tool of today, literally allowing you to see the whole journey in one big picture.

2. Create safe environment =

better engagement

Graphic recording allows all voices to be heard and recorded, providing transparency and flattening the hierarchy. This safer environment promotes higher engagement and participation for better teamwork.

3. Trigger emotion

Visuals unconsciously influences our emotions. Visual recording helps you mark key milestones or celebrate memorable moments.


Contents first

Our approach emphasises on contents synthesis and capturing. Our method is called Raw Scribe, where contents of your speech are taken down quickly in a flexible, undefined layout before we enhance it through cohesive visuals and colours. Essentially, your contents come first.

Experienced team

Our team is made up of deep and quick thinkers with over 10 years of experience in graphic facilitation with a strong background in the creative advertising field and from different walks of life, hence we are familiar with business languages. We don't only provide visuals, we provide visual solutions.

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Non-profit sponsorship

We provide cost-effective solutions to sponsor non-profit projects, as we valus social, humanitarian, environmental and other good causes.

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Strategic Visualization gives life to story-telling, allowing viewers to look at the whole story in one big picture. It is an effective tool to teach complex ideas and make meetings, workshops, presentations and brainstorm sessions more impactful.


Don’t let poor presentation kill your great idea. Let us help you put your ideas in motion with animated drawing. Video will make your ideas interactive, fun and memorable.


Learn how to turn live verbal content into engaging visuals, and make your next presentation more effective, memorable and fun!

Use visuals as a working tool in: Making template for workshop, live recording of your meeting or flipchart art.

We offer half day to 3 days training for in house and open class.



Employs graphic design to create effective campaigns and identity. Our innovative concepts create the “wow” factor and our campaigns have won us awards.


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– Malaysia

Bilingual (Eng & Cn)

graphic facilitator & trainer


– Malaysia

Bilingual (Eng & Cn)

graphic facilitator & trainer


– Malaysia

Graphic recorder


– Malaysia

Graphic recorder


– Malaysia

Digital illustrator


– Malaysia

Digital illustrator


– Shanghai

Chinese language graphic recorder



– France

Design thinking expert &

designer of training programmes

in LOG graphic recording



  • TAK-TIK team has motivated the audience at our event with their unique skill set of bringing the sessions to live. Really impressed with the work.

    Tony Phukan

    Channel Marketing – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Asia Pacific & Japan

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International publication

International publication

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Exclusive interview of Tak-Tik

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Khazanah Megatrends Forum 2016

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Pictures Worth a Thousand Words – Irrawaddy

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Using graphics to convey your message – FocusWeek Malaysia


Q. I want something awesome for my next event. How can you help?

First, we’ll talk about how to combine what you need and what we can do. You provide us your presentation notes at least a few days before the event, while we send our materials to the venue. During the event, we will work our magic. You can keep the physical version on site and we’ll provide a digital version of the graphic recordings after it is over. Simple!

Q. What is graphic recording / graphic facilitation?

Graphic recording / graphic facilitation refers to a ‘Live Capture’ of complex concepts and words, into a structured synthesis of graphic / sketches and key notes.

A graphic recording (“scribe”) session ususally take place in workshops, conferences, brainstorming sessions, meetings, pitching or training sessions. During the conversation or speech, the scriber will synthesise the speech, find the pattern and make the connection of the content, then turn it into a large-scale, live, drawn work.

Q. Why do I need graphic recording / graphic facilitation?

1. Better communication

Graphic visualisation has been proven to help people process data faster than a meeting report, as it allows them to digest complex ideas better. This is because our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text does and 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual.

2. Better group engagement

This process facilitates groups to align a common communication direction. It assures transparency, gives equal value for all voices to be heard, and psychologically flattens the hierarchy from bottom up. Once this safer environment is established, engagement and participation will follow, therefore creating better group work result.

3. Better experience

Visuals trigger emotions deeply and unconsciously. We use visual recording in marking key milestones or celebrating memorable moments of an event.

Q. How do you Graphic Record?

We work with the process of: Listen + Synthesise + Capture. During the session, we listen to your speech, while synthesising the information in order to map the conversation pattern. Then we capture this pattern a unique, large-scale graphics (illustrations and key notes).

Q. How can you graphic record live without knowing the speech in advance?

A good graphic recorder has general knowledge and common sense, life experiences, interests or any skills that might not be directly connected to work, to help them understand and synthesis subjects quickly. This also involves lots of practice.

Q. What is Strategic Visualisation?

Strategic Visualisation transforms complex ideas or processes into simple but rich visuals or corporate graphics. It translates text-based content into visual content for effective communication.

Q. Why do I need Strategic Visualisation?

Strategic Visualisation allows the audience to not only listen but see the story. An effective communication should be those with a strong simple visual that uses rich images instead of text. This gives complex strategies a clearer approach; enhance the creative spirit and open up our mind capacity.

Q. How do you do strategic visualisation?

You tell us your objective of communication and provide us with the content, in the form of text, image, video or verbal communication. We study your business background and your materials in order to help us design customised visuals that best communicate your idea.

We then present the first draft in a pencil sketch for your approval and you can request for changes. Once approved, we will finalise the draft concept into a fine drawing (digital or hand-drawn) to the size required, which is good for reproduction in print.

Q. How are we different?

Our TAK-TIK’s team members have a strong background in the advertising creative field and come from different walks of life before, hence are familiar with the business languages. This differentiates us from other illustrators, as we don’t only provide visuals, we provide visual solutions.

Q. Who can benefit from a graphic recording session?

Corporations, trainers, facilitators, educators, startups, non-profits and government bodies.

Q. What kinds of services does TAK-TIK have?

1. Graphic recording / Graphic facilitation

We offer graphic recording / graphic facilitation at conferences, talks, meetings, brainstorm sessions and more.

2. Strategic visualisation

We visualise complex business ideas or processes into simple but rich visuals or corporate graphics.

3. Training

We provide training and workshops for those who would like to acquire visual skills to enhance their work. You can hire us for a customized in-house course or you can join our regular public open course in Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Beijing

4. Video scribe or action sketch

We animate the content of your business ideas, processes or communication into a hand drawn video.

Q. How can we manage to capture & draw accurately and live, in the speed of a speech?

We employ a method called Raw-Scribe, where selective key content is quickly recorded during the speech, then complete the work with the elements such as visuals, graphic elements and colour. This allows us to focus on your content and the essence of your speech. For more info, refer to http://TAK-TIK.com/EN/

Q. Where are you based in?

We have an office in Malaysia and France. However, our team is able to provide our services anywhere in the world. We can travel to where our clients need us.

Q. What languages can you work in?

We can provide materials in English, Chinese, French and Malay.

Q. I’d like to learn graphic recording/ graphic facilitation. Do you hold workshops?

Whether you are an individual looking to hone your skills or a business eager to hold corporate training, our workshops are right for you. Look out for our next workshop here.

Q. How long does it take for one to learn to scribe?

It does not take long to learn the technical part of scribing. We can self-learn to be a scriber within a month or two. The quality in our work comes from our life experiences, knowledge, world view, language skills etc. It’s a life-long learning process.

Q. I don’t draw well. Can I scribe?

In the market, not all (but most) scribers draw. A scribe with beautiful drawings may capture more attention than a plain one. But a good scribe is defined by his/her capability to accelerate a group working process, If it is also beautifully drawn, that will be a bonus.

Q. How do you define good graphic recording?

The soul of a good scribe comes from good listening skills, and the capturing process is about effective drawing and writing, both equally important. Scribers capture content, not produce art. It is not about drawing beautiful graphics but using graphics intelligently to turn “audio content” into images that “speaks a thousand words”.


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