A graphic recording of an event.

It is difficult to keep participants focused on presentations at seminars and workshops. Attention spans are short and, in fact, many are there just for the coffee break.

Now, a group of artists have come up with a surefire way to ensure that all seminar and workshop participants learn something useful. They use hand drawn graphics to summarise key messages of the conference and provoke discussions among participants. At the very least, participants can refer to these visuals during their coffee breaks to get a better understanding of the information they have just heard in the seminar. Breaks are therefore spent on more useful pursuits than idle chat over coffee. These “graphic recordings” serve to turn a monotonous work conference into an engaging experience. Among the pioneers of graphic recordings in Malaysia are the people behind Sketch Post and Tak-tik – two outfits that offer this service to companies holding conferences, workshops or seminars. While this service has been used extensively for the past two decades in the United States, it is still in its infancy in Malaysia. Sketch Post and Tak-tik have been in business for less than two years. Nevertheless, the concept of offering graphic recordings at meetings and conferences is gaining popularity in Malaysia. To read more, check out pages 12+13 of Focusweek.