Penang Leaders Forum 2015 – Submission Strategies for “Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize”

In Penang Leaders Forum, representations from Penang city departments joined with another city thinkers and experts in the Asian region, on a working session digging ideas for various subjects like: adopting a new models for sustainability, city development, heritage preservation, creative and cultural economy, innovative investment, tourism, liveability, youth development, branding and shareable city. Prior to aim for a better Penang city life style, the workshop is also to develop a better submission strategies for the “Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize”. Facilitated by Richard Hsu, curator of TEDxShanghai. Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng opened the event for Penang Leader Forum. Penang city departments participants including: Invest Penang, Visit Penang, Penang Global Tourism, Penang Green Council, think city, GTWHI heritage, MPSP, State Minister for Local Council, PDC, MPPP, Penang Hill Corp, George Town Festival, PIHH. City thinkers and experts including: Nani Kahar (social architect), Jason Hsu (TedxTaipei curator), William To (PMQ creative city), Ron van Oers (Unesco world heritage), Raefer Wallis (sustainability expert), Gao Yan (Prof. & architect), Jason Sambanju (Deutche Bank), Jonathan Woetzel (McKinsey director), Joseph Foo (designer), Emmanuel Banbihy (film producer), Liu Wei Gong (design city)