Half day Graphic Facilitation Workshop
for Singapore Workforce Development Agency – Learning Carnival

The “Singapore Workforce Development Agency” – WDA’s inaugural learning event for WDA staff. On the “WDA Learning Carnival” day, we are asked to hold a half day initiative training program on of “visual tool at work” at Lifelong Learning Institute, Singapore.

Our graphic facilitation workshop

Learn how to turn live verbal content into engaging visuals, & make your next presentation more effective, memorable and fun!

Use visuals as a working tool in making templates for workshop, live recording of your meeting or flipchart art

What can you expect from this workshop?

– our LOG™ methodology: Listening-Organising-Graphic

– listening skills, that enable you to listen & draw at the same time

– synthesize skills, to select and prioritize information

– to define conversation pattern, and put your visual in a logical layout

– to use simple graphic elements, to arrange & structure your contents

– drawing tips in making concept/metaphor visual

– handwriting, turn your usual handwriting to a nice typography writing

– to build your visual library and your confidence in drawing

– making a template and live recording of your own meeting

– End of the workshop, you shall be able to accomplish a real-time live-capturing of a speech into engaging visual maps, in big format, A1/A0

Workshop content

– 70% practical (with real-life working situation exercises)

– 30% theory (with real-life case studies)

– Individual feedback session

– One-to-one coaching

– Group & peer to peer sharing to allow individual learning from the collective.

Is this training for you?

If you are facilitators or business coach, who think you need an innovative change from your conventional way of working, to add visual skills to your toolkit, and grow your capacity to lead effective facilitation processes…

Can’t you draw? This training will change your mind

The definition of a good visual work is without needing to have an advance drawing skill,
in our workshop, you will learn to simply use effective 
graphic elements, as well as simple drawing to create a great visual facilitation scribe.

3 Reasons to attend this workshop

1. Realistic pedagogical principles and the right view

We differ from other workshops from our ideology of not making our workshop an art-class, we believe a good work is those

which help group to work & communicate better, visual tool has the ability to enhance group work, whereas a piece of

work which drawing itself became the protagonist is a good piece of art but far being a good tool to enhance work. That is why

we designed LOG.

As we believe “content first”, our approach emphasizes the content synthesis and capturing. Our method is called “Raw

Scribe” method, where contents of your speech are taken down quickly in a flexible, undefined layout before we enhance it

through cohesive visuals and colors.

2. Learning by doing + feedback

We teach you only the most important, most relevant, most impactful fundamental skills you need. You will be given a step

by step guidance & teaching, which follow by the right exercise to consolidate what you have learned. A mix of practical

(70%) and theoretical (30%) teaching with the real situation case study. We emphasize individual feedback & coaching, which is very critical in

developing the skills and confidence. We use peer to peer sharing to allow individual learning from the collective.

3. Experienced instructor

Your trainer, Tikka Hun, is an experienced graphic facilitator specializes in bilingual English & Chinese scribe and has designed and conducted LOG

graphic facilitation workshops in both languages.

She has trained 300+ participants across Europe & Asia, who are themselves trainers, facilitators or coaches. Armed with a first in BA Visual Communication from London Middlesex University, she worked as an award-winning art director at various advertising agencies in Europe for over 10 years. In 2010, she explored graphic facilitation based on MG Taylor Methodology. She saw the magic of combining visual communication in graphic facilitation and started developing her authentic style.

You also get these from the training

– continuous support after the training

– Invitation to join LOG alumni platform (where you can exchange knowledge, project opportunities, tips etc.)

– Personal online feedback from the trainer

– Invitation to join “LOGin” mini-workshops (regular meet-up sessions to practice together)

click for more https://tak-tik.com/EN/support/

What this workshop is not…

– This is not an art class nor a drawing class.

– It requires the right skill (listening & organizing contents) to make use graphic facilitation, an art teacher couldn’t teach you

How to join our training

We offer half day to 3 days training for in-house and open class.

You can book an in-house training and have our trainer customise a training that

suit you most, at your office.

We also organize open classes once every 3-4 months.

Please get in touch to find out about our next available workshop near you, click

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