“In any situation, you need to include common sense, even if the situation involves following the instructions” Today the word “skraybing” on everyone’s lips. This line of contemporary visual communication, which is developing rapidly in our country. In the past year, Tikka Khan / Tikka Hun founder Tak Tik the Visual Solutions’ – one of the most prominent world-scriber, came to Moscow with his master class. We were lucky enough to talk with Tikka about what is needed and what skraybing its features.


– Tikka, you teach skraybing worldwide. It is curious to find out what people’s visual perception of Russia is different from the perception of Europeans and Asians?
– It’s hard to answer this question – I can only speak about the people I trained, then it turns out is not a representative cross-section of the population (smiles). Furthermore during the training I do not have time to evaluate or compare – I have the most included in the process. But I can still be compared, for example, a group of his students from China and a group of students from Russia. In China skraybing came not so long ago, and every year more and more people learn different methods of visual communication. But despite this, it seems to me, in the Russian-skayrbery students better understand the essence of visual facilitation. At the end of the first day of training students to master the basic techniques that can accurately determine what and why it is better to use. In China, more than once I watched a situation where at the end of a two-day workshop, students continued to ask questions about why we need skraybing. In every culture there are traditional ways of working and interaction between people. I noticed that Asian students is not easy given the work in a dynamic environment that requires a flexibility, spontaneity and ability to “instant” collaboration with colleagues.

– What you impressed by the Russian, Moscow in particular?
– Oh! (laughs) Moscow impressed me with his contradictions. Go out on the street – everywhere serious, gloomy faces, no smiles. And then look at St. Basil’s Cathedral – so many colors, shapes, so much life. Like Disney magic castle! The head does not fit as it can so closely coexist. No, I probably would not have called Russia a country of contradictions, but rather a country of mysteries. But in order to deeply know the country, its traditions and culture, of course, have to live in this country, to get your friends, family.

– Where have you studied skraybingu?
– I’m self-taught, as well as any scriber (laughs) My background is – graphic design, I worked for many years in advertising, was engaged in visual communications.

– Do you have skraybing guru, a man whose work inspire you?
– I have a lot of teachers, I can not identify someone one. Everyone has their own style and their own strengths: one strong colors and the other content successfully structured – so I try to take a little bit for everyone.

– We have seen the speed of your work in real time – it’s a high bar. Tell me how you train this skill?
I believe that the speed – it’s one of the key competencies of successful scriber. In my seminars, I pay great attention to this aspect, the content is always valuable design – In my own experience, I developed a technique of “raw scribe” (machinery raw Scribe). I use this method when skrayblyu intensive content, for example, it is very fast. When it ended, I have reflected on the sheet only content and no flowers, curls or images – it looks horrible! Then I add graphic elements, and acquires all the beauty and form. I teach my students that there are basic designs that can always use when you make your Scribe. Crude Scribe can be converted into high-quality, visually tasty product. There are two simple patterns: linear and radical. Linear excellent for linear narrative, history or story. This story goes like this: “Our company was founded 20 years, during which time we have grown and increased profits by 10 times In 2011, we entered new markets and released a new line of products.”. A radical structure is more suitable for less laconic narrative. For example, each participant of the conference expressed their ideas on the further development of the company. The main thing to remember that the content is always the priority of any scriber.

– Work scriber – this is more improvisation. What helps you to easily cope with any situation?
– For me skraybing – a pre-prepared improvisation. Of course, force majeure occur. I mentally say to myself: “It’s ok” (It’s okay) and repeat like a mantra (laughs).. Even the most professional scriber wrong. If you something did not hear or did not understand, did not record, you start to get nervous, then chances are that you will miss the next insight. So if you miss something important – just leave a blank space on your work and continue Scribe, then you can seek the assistance of the customer or the Speaker. As a rule, the first 5 minutes of speech – a view of the speaker and the introductory part.This time is quite enough to get used to the manner of speech, accent and other characteristics.

– And please share colorful history, as something went wrong at the event and it seemed that it was just “end”, but you deal with the situation .
– We are pleased to share. It was a complete failure! At the very beginning of my career, a well-known consulting company invited me to visually arrange their strategic session. Prior to the event, I asked the project manager, that when I write, to which he replied with confidence: “Write down what they say, the session from the audience” . I still remember, I came on the scene, stood near the white flipchart with marker in hand – waiting. On the scene one of the top managers of the company and begins to present. I listen to it carefully and accurately follow the instructions, waiting for the end of his speech, to begin recording cues from the audience members. It takes a few minutes, it does not stop, runs a few minutes, and then I realize that it is too late … The speaker ended his speech from the audience applause, I was politely asked to leave the stage. After this incident, I have a lifetime to remember that in any situation you need to include common sense, even if the situation involves following the instructions. The truth in this story is not over. A couple of years after this incident, I was fortunate to work again with this company. This time I was the most appropriate and flexible – and defeated the “white flip chart”. Now whenever I feel insecurities – I pre-draw big beautiful header.Sometimes it can take up almost the entire flipchart … It’s like a magic ritual that helps me to overcome the inner doubts.

– We know that in addition to strategic sessions and business conferences you work on activities related to the industry of beauty and health. What kind of public activity of your most favorite?
– Most of all I love working with charitable organizations such as the CPCS , the purpose of which is to train people to resolve global conflicts through negotiations and mutual understanding. For several years I provide visual facilitation trainings devoted to women’s leadership within one of the CPCS initiatives. Despite the fact that I have always been far from politics, I am very interested to dive into this topic, I feel like I’m doing something really useful to society. My dream is to do more projects with such organizations.

– Tikka, and can share advice for beginners scriber.
– It must be remembered that there is no universal way to become successful scriber.Who it is so easy to learn everything – enough to have access to the Internet. First you learn from the best scriber, stuffing his hand, and then create your own style. That’s the whole secret It is important to realize that skraybing is not art for art’s sake. It is a tool that serves to help a person to quickly and easily learn to perceive information. Practice, practice and practice.