We make your ideas speak for themselves. We take the term visual communication to a whole new level through the live translation of your spoken word into memorable images. We empower your ideas through visuals. Words are powerful, but occasionally, when trying to communicate complex ideas or concepts, something more is called for. Call us, call TAK-TIK. We will enhance your presentation with visual elements which not only entertain your audience but also improve their memory retention of your core message. We’re global. We can send a multilingual team to your conference or event anywhere in the world and provide services in English, Chinese, Malay and French.


When ideas meet illustrations, your message becomes striking, influential and memorable.

You share your stories, ideas and visions at your next discussion, conference or workshop.

We find the core messages with your spoken presentations and relay them in a visual way in real time.

The visuals create impactful messages that strike a chord with the audience.

Now they can see the bigger picture as your ideas become transparent and tangible.


1. Align communication Our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text does and 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual. Infographics are the communication tool of today, literally allowing you to see the whole journey in one big picture.

2. Create safe environment for better engagement Graphic recording allows all voices to be heard and recorded, providing transparency and a safe environment, hence promotes higher engagement and participation for better teamwork.

3. Trigger emotion Visuals unconsciously influences our emotions. Visual recording helps you mark key milestones or celebrate memorable moments. We utilise the power of your visual emotional triggers to embed your message into the sub-consciousness.


1. Contents first Our approach emphasises on contents synthesis and capturing, we then seamlessly accomplish our scribe through visuals, structure, and colours. But it is your content which is paramount and drives the process forward, and we are always watching and listening for beats of important content. At TAK-TIK we consider listening to be a skill. “Raw Scribe” is the term given to the chief component of what we do and it really is something to see. The audience or workshop attendees are always amazed by the speed and accuracy at which we work. Aside from the astonished praise heaped upon us the most common. How do we do it? Probably the simplest answer is experience.

2. Experienced team Our team is made up of quick and practical thinkers with over 10 years of experience in graphic facilitation with a strong background in the creative arts and advertising sectors. We are of various nationalities and experiences and are as effective when communicating with CEOs as we are with workers on the Shop Floor. We don’t just provide visuals, we provide solutions.

3. Non-profit sponsorship We provide cost-effective solutions to sponsor non-profit projects, as we value social, humanitarian, environmental and other good causes.